NAME: Moose City
COUNTY: Clearwater
CLIMATE: Snow in Winter, Cool in Summer
COMMENTS: This is a town unknown to most and researched by use of early 1900 and late 1800 maps of Idaho. I have never been there but plan on going soon and doing some detecting. I understand that this is a very difficult town to locate and the only reference that I could find to it's existence was on an 1882 map.

I've had people ask about a town in Idaho that can only be found on a early 1900s map of Idaho by the name of mose city. It was very very hard to find this information. The city seemed to be just as ghostly as a real ghost. It's been long forgotten and there's no information on the internet about this place. No photos. No records. No stories only a early 1900s map then the city a few short years later disappear for ever off the map. Finding this information was like finding the lost city of Atlantis. But as a private investigator I've been trained to find all things and come to know all things. I would of much rather found a missing that would of been easy compared to this long lost city nobody left any clues about. I found a old diary in it was a signature that said Alfred G. Jagzal attached in his writing as he mentioned stopping at moose city for a night as a passerby. Unfortunately he would never leave Idaho as he was killed outside the border of Montana as later research would show me. Lost once more in a dead end and the case cold I was about to give up. I started talking to a old friend of mine that said something about moose creek. It peeked my mind again into finding this place. I researched the 1900s map and found the creek in the same area. Often towns where named after people or landscape. I decided to go to the historical Idaho library in Boise next to the old Idaho state penitentiary. Their I found a old forest service camp clipping I started reseaeching the forest service and. then I found the exact location of the city and the story on it vanishing.

Moose City Idaho

Gold was discovered at Pierce on October 1, 1860. Miners and prospectors flocked to the locality in 1861. The majority of the miners came from California and were experienced prospectors. They not only understood how to mine gold, but also knew the best ways of prospecting the streams. Using Pierce and Lewiston as bases, the prospectors spread out in all directions over the mountains. During the summers of 1861 and 1862, all the major gold deposits in the Clearwater drainage were discovered and all its major streams thoroughly prospected.

Gold was discovered around Moose Creek and Independence Creek by a wandering band of prospectors July 4, 1862. This placer ground paid its discoverers well for a short time but was soon deserted. The rich deposits were limited. Independence Creek was dredged in the 1930's.

A second population influx was stimulated in the late sixties by discoveries made by prospectors Ernest Hilton, William Shepard and Tommy O'Brien. It is said that fully two hundred people rushed to this locality. This boom resulted in the founding of Moose City with a saloon, restaurant, hotel, jail, butcher shop and three general stores. For three years the diggings produced well and supported the population. But during the seventies the diggings began to fail again. Moose City was soon abandoned, though a few people continued to mine there for many years.

There is still some prospecting around Moose City and people pan the creeks to pick up a few "colors", but there are no mines being operated. Until 1924, parts of the old jail could still be seen, but shortly thereafter the Forest Service built a work camp on the site of old Moose City. Men from this camp tore the old jail apart. Today nothing remains of old Moose City except a few level spots where buildings once stood. A thick stand of young timber has reclaimed the old town and the diggings. Moose City is hardly noticeable now, even when you stand at the Forest Service sign that marks the place.

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