NAME: Grasmere
COUNTY: Owyhee?
CLIMATE: Cold and snowy in winter, hot in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT:Sspring through fall
COMMENTS: Taking I-84 east from Boise, ID: Go till you hit the Brunea exit, follow the road into Mountain Home onto Airbase Rd (this road goes into Mountain Home AFB), take the left turn by the Chevron Gas Station, and head south down Hwy 52. You will go through Bruneau and much desert. Sometimes it may seem as if there is absolutely nothing to see except hills and desert, but keep going. Grassmere is a little town on the way to Elko, NV. Enjoy the sand dunes as you go by or stop and take the highway in to see them. This is a wonderful area of true desert with the some of the best examples of wind and water erosion anywhere. Do be careful of the open range, however. Cattle are known to roan across and beside the highway. You can also see many examples of wildlife from birds of prey to owls, snakes, and deer.
REMAINS: Old cafe/gas station/outbuildings and a couple of trailers
Grasmere used to be the only gas station and cafe on the road between Bruneau and Owyhee, NV. A couple of years ago, however, the owners, deciding it was unprofitable to maintain their desert oasis, decided to place the town up for sale. As of Feb. 2005 it remains closed and is rapidly disintegrating into the desert. It remains for sale, but with no buyers in sight, I imagine it will soon be completely gone. Submitted by: Tina DuBois
Grasmere,Idaho 2018
Courtesy Charlie Swearingen