NAME: Pardee
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, hot in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Summer/spring
COMMENTS: Not much there but great for metal detecting.
REMAINS: A single water tower
Located on the upper clearwater river, it was named after the philadelphia capitalist coal investor, Alfred Day Pardee he was a heavy investor in area mining properteis. The town was platted on March 1, 1902 and was established about April 20, 1902.It was also known for being the place where President Grover Cleveland moved his mistress, and frequently visited her. He traveled by train, then rode a horse the some 45 miles to visit her. It was known as the town on the river because it layed right next to the railroad next to the river. The town began to dwindle and eventually only the post office was there. the post office was then closed in 1941. Submitted by: Jennifer Stewart