NAME: Rockville Stage Stop
COUNTY: Owyhee
CLIMATE: some snow in winter, hot in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: muddy in winter but still accessible
COMMENTS: noone living there, from marsing take 95 towards jordan valley and at mc bride creek road turn right, well cared for dirt road goes about 2.5 miles to another turn on the right cross the creekbed and there is the foundations.
REMAINS: stage stop building foundation and barn foundation is all that is left due to vandals burning it down in early 60s
was the stage route in late 1800s this stop was attacked by indains many times and nearby is the grave and stone of the wife of the man that ran the stop who was killed by indains. mrs ed holmes who died in 1889. Driving on past there to the other side is the next stop that was later used as the school and is now just a two story brick shell. Submitted by: clinton kaae