NAME: Wagontown
COUNTY: Owhyee
CLIMATE: Cool winter/snow and summer.
Fall, Spring, Summer.

COMMENTS: Not much left.
REMAINS: Nothing.

UPDATE: The mining company that operates the largest mine in the area went thru the town of wagontown with their dredge and by doing so removed any and all buildings of the town.  the cementery is all that is left of the town with many headstones still readable.  Once on Delmar road about 1 mile before the concrete bridge is a small road cuts off to the left if coming from jordan valley then immediately to the right is a road going uphill take it and follow about half a mile up to the cementery.  

Another town that is really a ghost town-there’s nothing left, no sign that the town ever existed. Wagontown was at one time a stage stop on the road to Jordan Valley. At its peak, it never had more than several houses but it did have a mill to rework the tailings that came down Jordan Creek. There is a cemetery about a quarter of a mile from where the town used to be but it’s difficult to find if the townsite can’t be located. Best to travel on.

Submitted by Henry Chenoweth.

Wagontown Cemetery
Courtesy Clinton Kaae