NAME: Albany
COUNTY: Nemaha
CLIMATE: Warm spring, really hot summer, crisp autumn, cold winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: September, They show and make things from that era
COMMENTS: As far as I know, there's up to two residents living there, it's about two miles north of Sabetha, near the Nebraska/Kansas line in Northeast Kansas. The cemetery is a mile or two due north of the town.
REMAINS: Original Schoolhouse and Cemetary
I can't remember the exact history, but I think a couple hundred settlers came from New York and settled in the now Albany area. They helped out in the Underground Railroad and the famous John Brown even stopped by there I believe. Albany was starting to thrive because railroad tracks were thought to stop by there. However, the town around two miles south of Albany, Sabetha, got the railroad tracks instead, leaving Albany with a poor economy. I believe the last year of schooling in the Albany Schoolhouse was either 1963 or 1964. Submitted by: William Terren Riley