NAME: Cato
COUNTY: Crawford
CLIMATE: Snow in the winter & hot in the summer
COMMENTS: This town is gone exept for a old church building. Known by a friend who was born there in the early 1900s. There is one family living in cato at thistime.Consists of old church and 1860s rock school house
REMAINS: Church house and school house.

Used to be a thriving town with a rich history of cattle men and outlaws. This town is located near missouri,arkansas & oklahoma,on the extreme southeast of kansas.More details as known... Submitted by: Harry Cooper

Cato was started in 1857 when a man named Rogers built a store thereIt was one day's pull out of Ft.Scott and sat on Ft Scott Baxter Spring's trail.Was the stopping off place for many wagon trains at one time.It survived Civil War and bushwackers only to die due to the railroad. The fight with James Joy started here in Cato.some of the settlers were I.E.Brown, Woolery Coonrod, Elisha Black, Pete Smith who later owned the store Lintincums, Evans,and many more. Carol Brooks

Cato School
Courtesy Carol Brooks

Old Cato Town
Courtesy Carol Brooks

Smith Store
Courtesy Carol Brooks