NAME: Elizabethtown
COUNTY: Anderson
CLIMATE: Snow and cold winters, Very hot and humid summers
COMMENTS: Elizabethtown, or Liztown, has no current residents. It is in southern Anderson County and today it is basically referred to in regards to the general area where the town used to be located.
REMAINS: Cemetery and one-room schoolhouse
Elizabethtown (or Liztown, as it is called locally) was located about 3 or 4 miles east and south of Colony, Anderson County, Kansas. It was established in the 1860s and had a post office. However, when the railroad came through for the first time, it was built through the nearby town of Colony instead of Liztown. As a result, Liztown died out in the late 1860s and very early 1870s before it ever really got established. New businesses did not open up so the town never prospered or grew. All that remains of it today is the Ozark #1 Cemetery (locally known as the Liztown Cemetery) and the old one-room schoolhouse. The schoolhouse remained in use at least through the late 1920s, maybe even the early 1930s before it was shut down. It is overgrown with trees and weeds and is badly deteriorated and almost completely fallen in now. The exact location of the old post office and any other buildings that existed is unknown, though there are people who have a somewhat vague idea of where the post office used to be, or where they've heard or were told it was. Submitted by: Cody Bain