NAME: Equity
COUNTY: Anderson
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, hot summers
COMMENTS: There are a few houses that may have been in the original town.
REMAINS: When i was a kid, the foundation of the school was still there, but has since been removed. There is a cellar on the northeast corner of the intersection.

I only know what my Father told me. The Town was located one mile north of the my family farm.
1 1/2 miles east of Lone Elm (almost a ghost town itself) on Hwy 59, one mile north on Norton road.
My Father was born in 1914 and went to the Equity school located on the southeast corner of Norton and w 500th road.
He told me that the town was moved to Lone Elm
when the railroad was built through the town of Lone Elm. I wish I could give you some dates, but I think the railroad went out in the 20's. The right of way was a little south of our farm, and you can follow the old right of way in both directions.
Lone Elm was then called Reeve, after the guy that built a couple large homes and business there. The name was changed to Lone Elm at that the time of the move, according to my Father.
Not a lot of folks around there now even know about Equity.
I have read a history of the town of Lone Elm by a guy with the last name of Church..I know a few of his relatives.
I could probably get a few pictures of where Equity was, and of Lone Elm and a route of the railroad, if you want.

Submitted by: Phil Glasgow