NAME: Francis
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, hot in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Before harvest (July 1st)
COMMENTS: Southeast of Ness City, southwest of Bazine, stuck in the middle about 15 miles. Original stop along
REMAINS: Lots of good stuff, mostly country and architecture of the old town, barn is still standing as are the prarie dogs and rattlers
0 Residents, remains are old Hotel which was used as a house by Henry Dechant and family, Barn still standing, Creamery and Windmill, on the Chisolm Trailtrail to Abilene Ks, wagon tracks are still visible in parts of the pasture full of short cactus and prairy dogs, wild turkeys nest in the Cottonwood trees and the landscape is breathtaking as well as is the carved stone window sills and lentels of the Motel. The floor in the house has seen it's share of termites but it is a rarity to find an unmolested former town as this, the cows and neighbors keep watch as do God and Pappa, be careful! Submitted by: Kurt Enneking