NAME: Grinnell
CLIMATE: Very hot summers, can be mild to bitter cold in winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Anytime, weather permitting
COMMENTS: Western Kansas: Take I-70 to exit 85. the town is about a third of a mile north of the exit.
REMAINS: Many unoccupied homes and buildings
Current population is 237 souls. Grinnell was originally settled by buffalo hunters and laborers building the railroad to Denver, with an influx of Civil War veterans settling there so afterward. It is named for a Union veteran, Capt. Grinnell. The twon grew from 40 people in 1883 to 75 in 1880 and reached it's peak in the 1920s. Submitted by: Diddley Squat

St. Agnes Catholic Church in Grainfield, alive and well!
Courtesy Diddley Squat

The old Western Hotel and Cafe closed in the mid 1990s
Courtesy Diddley Squat

A long abandoned homestead in Grinnell, Kansas
Courtesy Diddley Squat

Immaculate Conception church, built in 1948, lives on.
Courtesy Diddley Squat

A long vacant building in Grinnell
Courtesy Diddley Squat