NAME: Harmony
COUNTY: Pawnee County
CLIMATE: Hot summers; snow in winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Fall and Spring; pretty hot in summer
COMMENTS: My Great Grandfather had his pension check mailed to Harmony, Kansas. It was in the N.W. corner of Pawnee County. I found it on the online Kansas map of 1895. A query to Kansas elicited the information that there is a road up there that goes nowhere. I do not know the road conditions but am considering driving back there this fall. I am curious about the area. If you compare the 1895 map with that part of the state with MSstreets and Trip you willfind that several small towns are now missing.
REMAINS: Unknown

Charles Prudhom is listed on the 1883 Civil War pension rolls (online) for Kansas. P.O. mailing address, Harmony. There were other veterans listed as living there too. Submitted by: Patricia Rhodes

Gentlemen, Harmony KS does indeed appear on old KS Maps, even WW1 Era travel information places it on the Map. Working off these old maps one can bracket in from the Conklin area and also Ash Creek, since old maps do not name roads, or give grids. RT. 183 (north/south) runs close to the area. Today it is not listed anywhere - save old maps and Census rolls. One seeking the townsite can access its probable location, as specified, in the NW corner of Pawnee County. It was located in Conklin (Township?) and sat at the head of Ash Creek. A present day drive there will find several roads which, do indeed, lead to nowhere. One is actually a private drive which will take you to a farm house. There is an unincorporated town (immediately East of where I believe Harmony was) named Vaughn which may be used as a springboard for beginning a daytrip if one is really that interested in finding Harmony, KS. I hope all of this is helpful to someone, specifically, Patricia Rhodes who submitted Harmony in the first place. Matt Creese