NAME: Irving
COUNTY: Marshall
CLIMATE: Same as the rest of kansas
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring/summer - roads are poor for a car. . .
COMMENTS: Only a stone (reads "IRVING")from the old school, a flag pole, and a mail box remain in a mown corner of an empty lot. Leave a message in the mailbox for future visitors to read!! PART OF IRVING LIES ON PRIVATE LAND AND ALSO COE LAND! Relic seeking, in this case, becomes a FELONY. Be warned, take nothing but pictures and respect the local resident(s).
REMAINS: The area has old sidewalks, foundations, fallen chimneys, fences, and so on.
Irving was once a thriving agrarian community with a rail station. Irving and Zenia Ohio share the unique distinction of being the only 2 US cities to be hit by TWO seperate tornado producing storm systems in the SAME DAY! Irving was demolished by one of KS's worst tornados in 1879 and dwindled until the Tuttle Creek Dam project finally brought it to an end in the late 1950s. The last resident of Irving moved out in the mid 1960s. Submitted by: M.E.Creese