NAME: Juniata
COUNTY: Pottawatomie
CLIMATE: Reasonable Kansas Weather
COMMENTS: What once was the best trail in Pottawatomie County on the Fort Leavenworth to Fort Riley Military Road, now is nothing more than an old run-down bridge that was washed away in the flood of 1856. It is almost impossible to get to Juniata even by car or truck.
REMAINS: Merely nothing! Just an old river bridge if the river is not to high!
By Dec.1854, Juniata had a hotel, blacksmith shop, general store, jail, and a population of 70.Jan.7, 1855 George C. Willard described the new community as "a town site has been laid off here, and settlers are coming from nearly every state of the Union; about 50 families are here now....Various tribes of roving Indians are scattered about us, but the are generally peaceable....Provisions of all kinds are very dear here at this time. Potatoes and butter we do not get at all. Wages are pretty fair. Game is abundant--I have seen eight deer in one herd....The river is filled with fish."July 25, 1855, a post office was established in town but was discontinued in 1858 By 1858 the town of Manhattan was rivalring Juniata and both town brought down the collapse of Juniata. Submitted by: Amie Nichols