NAME: Lecompton
COUNTY: Douglas
CLIMATE: Snow in Winter/Hot summer's
COMMENTS: Located across the Kansas River from present day Lawrence, Kansas. Look for the depression holes of by-gone buildings.
REMAINS: Depression holes. Still standing old buildings.

Started in the 1850's, Lecompton had a population of 5,000 in 1856. Town had 5 hotels and 26 bars (saloons) The town is still there, but dwindled to 250 population.Lots of old buildings standing, some renovated to their formaer glory. Submitted by: James Lee

Lecompton was A territorial capitol of Kansas, BUT NOT the first. The settlement of PAWNEE, now on the Fort Riley Military Reservation was the FIRST Capitol until 1855, when it was transferred to Shawnee Mission. The sight of LECOMPTON was initially mentioned by 18th century French Fur Traders. Origionally it was named BALD EAGLE after the many Eagles that founder AG Boone noticed flying about the area. It was named Lecompton in honor of Samuel D Lecompte of Maryland, a Judge in the KS territory. Although it WAS both the territorial capitol of KS and the county seat of Douglas Co, it lost both titles in the years leading up to the Civil War. Lecompton became a PROslavery town and neighboring Lawrence was an ANTIslavery town. This town remained a Proslavery town throughout Kansas' Territorial period. As "Freestaters" came to outnumber those sympathetic to the Southern cause Lecompton began to decline in notariety. In 1861 when KS became a state, Lecompton lost its claim to the county seat and all records and offices were moved to LAWRENCE. The legislature too would be moved to Lawrence. Today it is a quiet town off of HWY 40. Constitution Hall still stands and there is a museum dedicated to Lecompton's Territorial days of glory. I WOULD NOT reccomend bringing your metal detector as MR Lee suggests, however. Respect the local residents. M.E. Creese