NAME: Litchfield
COUNTY: Crawford
CLIMATE: Moderate winters, hot summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Accesible during any season
COMMENTS: There are no residents, and no signs that a town ever existed. Litchfield is located north of Pittsburg, Kansas.
REMAINS: There are no remains, just signs that coal mining once took place.
Litchfield was originally named Edwin (1878). The name of the town was changed to Litchfield in 1881. It was a coal town in every sense, and about 500 car loads of coal were shipped each month at it's peak production. There was a post office, public school, a general store, a drug store, two blacksmith shops, a wagon shop and about 200 inhabitants. Today there is no sign a town existed. Litchfield is located four miles northeast of Pittsburg, Kansas. Submitted by: Bill DeGarmo
The only thing left of Litchfield is this old rail station sign on 570th road 1/2 mile east of Free King's Highway
Courtesy Tom Sevart