NAME: Silkville
CLIMATE: Snow in winter. Hot in summer.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Fall or Spring
COMMENTS: 3 miles south of williamsburg, ks.
REMAINS: 2 barns and a house.
Silkville was started by a Frenchman who was banished from France by Napolean III. He was a rich man by the name of Ernest de Boissiere. He built a large house in 1870 that had 60 rooms, dinning rooms, 40 family rooms, and a very large library. It was very ahead of its time. He wanted to start a silk buisness and he built many barns for his buisness. He also put up 15 miles of stone wall and he attracted many people to help him with his dream. He was very succesful and attracted Sen. John Ingalls attention as well. Silk wasn't all he produced. He also made cheese and wine. When his buisness started to fall he gave his large house to an orphanage and moved to a smaller house. He died in his 80's and the orphanage burnt down. His barns were turned to rubble and almost nothing exsited. The owners now have used some of the brick and stone from de Boissiere's home to build thier home. The only original structures that remain are 2 silk barns and some trees he had planted. A sign indicates the land as Silkville Ranch but is unreconisable. It's only a memory of the past. Submitted by: Brian Lee Carriger
Silkville Ranch  10-13-09
Courtesy Trina Haynes

Building not too far from the Silkville Sign
Courtesy Trina Haynes