NAME: Swissvale
CLIMATE: Snow/ Winter- Hot/Summer
COMMENTS: North of Overbrook,Ks 3-1/2 miles- 2-miles west and along the old train tracks 1/2 mile north is the place that the Camp Creek has a stone bottom and the steam trains stopped there to replenish their water supply. this is unfortunatly on private property.Between the waterstop along the old railway and actual location of the old town is a beautiful stone barn built before the 1900's to house circus animals although none ever were housed there.It to is on private property but very visible from the road.
REMAINS: The berm of the old railroad still remains as well as the old footing to the post office at the top of the hill 1/2 mile to the west which also is on private property. Just to the north of the intersection is a stone scoolhouse that has been converted into a nice home
The town was vacated around 1900 for reasons unknown. The actual town was located at the now 129th and Paulen Rds. According to a platte drawing at the land office in Lyndon, there were approximately 50-60 residents at its busiest era before 1900 Some of the locals in the area refer to themselves as Campcreekers and not swissvales.The area still has residents that live there, in fact there are two homes that were built where the old town was.. Submitted by: Larry Wiezorek