NAME: Lawton
COUNTY: Carter
CLIMATE: Cold, snowy in winter, warm humid summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: anytime except deep winter
COMMENTS: Heading east toward Olive Hill about 6 miles from Morehead on US 60, turn right onto 174 by DeHart's Bible and Tire center (you can't miss it)and follow the signs toward Haldeman. Lawton is past Haldeman.
REMAINS: Old general store (still in operation), Abandoned mushroom mines, train track remains, abandoned buildings
Not sure when the town was founded, but grew with the addition of brickyards in the area. My grandmother had several bricks from these plants. When the brickyards and mushroom mines went out of business, much of the population went to Morehead. The mushroom mines are located up the hill behind the old storefronts. The railroad tracks run behind the storefronts and you can see the landings where the trains used to stop. It's not much of a town anymore, but some families live in this rural area. The mushroom mines are especially creepy. Submitted by: Nicosia Sloan