NAME: Ruddock
COUNTY: St. John the Baptist Parish
CLIMATE: Hot and humid
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Accessible year round
COMMENTS: Ruddock is located on an isthmus between Lakes Maurepas and Ponchartrain in the southeast corner  of the State.  The town and two others; Frenier and Wagram; were destroyed by a Hurricane in 1915.  Ruddock (a lumber town) and Wagram (a German immigrant cabbage farming community) never recovered and are completely overgrown and swallowed by the marsh.   Predictably, the Southeast corner of the state is far more susceptible to hurricanes than the northwest corner.  All three towns are/were located along I-55 which follows the isthmus heading north from I-10 junction at Laplace, Louisiana.  The I-55 – I-12 Junction is in Hammond, Louisiana (north of Lakes Maurepas and Ponchartrain). 
REMAINS: Nothing remains of Ruddock...there is only an Interstate exit sign in remembrance.
During the turn of the century, Ruddock was a lumber town with a population of 900. It was wiped out by the great hurricane of 1915...only a handful of people survived. Ruddock was never rebuilt. Submitted by: Caroline Krieger