NAME: Tuckerville
COUNTY: Grant Parish
CLIMATE: Hot, humid most of the year
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Late fall, early spring (less snakes then!)
COMMENTS: No current residents
REMAINS: Mound of sawdust
Tuckerville was a sawmill town in the early 1920's. Supposedly the mill was owned by a man name Tucker. My mother was born there in 1923. Surnames that inhabited this town in the 1920's include Terral, Edmondson and Corbin. All that remained the last time anyone from our family went there (1960's - 1970's) was a large mound of sawdust as evidence of the sawmill. The town was on the banks of a creek. Selma, Louisiana is the nearest current existing town near the site of where Tuckerville once stood. Would love to know more if anyone else is familiar with this ghost town. Submitted by: Beverly