NAME: Caspian
CLIMATE: Pleasantly warm during summer time, though Michigan receives much snowfall during the winter months.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: I suggest visiting during August/September when th
COMMENTS: Although Caspian is home to some nine hundred residents, this Iron county community is rapidly going the way of the Ghost.Located on Highway 189 south of Iron River, and north west of Gaastra, Caspian is surrounded by rolling hillside and beautiful forestry. Visible before you reach Caspian is an amusing water tower, donning a smiley face.
REMAINS: Newer, more modern residencies on either side dot Caspian�s main streets, and sprawl up the hillside above the town centre. Though Caspian�s downtown is home to boarded shops and homes, the locals remain cheerful and welcoming. Also, a mining complex-turned museum is located at semi-ghost Caspian. This is one of very few tourist �magnets� in town, though I don�t recon the town knows itself is now an attraction�
Once named Palatka, the mines at sleepy Caspian (named for a local mine that shared its name with the town) have long since shut down. A sister community to Iron River, Stambaugh, Gaastra, Mineral Hills and Alpha, these equally exhausted mining towns have been in a steady state of decline for decades now. Caspian�s home � west Iron County � was at one time a big iron ore mining area. During the sixties, the county lost nearly one fifth of its population, and has been considered, for many years now, one of Michigan�s most economically depressed counties.Today, (2003) the future does not look bright for Caspian. Derelict company buildings are now choked by weeds and overgrown brush, and have become a sight more common over the past ten years. It is very hard to imagine that over 6,000 people once called Caspian �home�. Do make the effort to see for yourselves, folks - Caspian makes for an enjoyable visit. Submitted by: Ryan J. Hill

Looking towards downtown Caspian
Courtesy Ryan Hill

Abandoned storefront at Caspian
Courtesy Ryan Hill

Caspian's former business district
Courtesy Ryan Hill

Mine super structure at Caspian
Courtesy Ryan Hill

Mine super structure
Courtesy Ryan Hill

Vast overgrowth surrounds the mine location
Courtesy Ryan Hill