NAME: Cliff
COUNTY: Keweenaw
CLIMATE: Cold, snowy winters; warm summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Late Spring to early Fall
COMMENTS: Cliff was located off US41/M-26, a few miles south of Phoenix; Cliff was later known as Clifton.

Cliff, Michigan (Cliff Mine)

There are signs on US41 indicating that a cemetery is through the woods on a trail. A local resident and Park Ranger told me that if you find the cemetery and continue on the trail until it crosses a creek you will find two other small cemeteries. One for German Ancestry and one for  Protestants ( I think he said protestants). I did not verify this info because black flies were quite bad. The sign for cliff with an arrow pointing towards the woods is there, just as he said.


Cliff was the post office for the Cliff Mine, one of the most productive mines of the Copper Peninsula; it was first settled in the 1840s, and when the post office opened in the 1870s, had over 400 residents. But, like many other mines n the region, the boom did not last long: by 1887, the post office closed and today there is nothing left. Submitted by: Kurt Wenner

Cliff Mine 1860s
Courtesy David Johnson

Cliff Mine Location
Courtesy David Johnson