NAME: Glen Haven
COUNTY: Leelanau
CLIMATE: Snow in winter pleasent in summer
COMMENTS: There are couple of resdients, and the national park service is restoring the town and opening the old hotel. In the summer go see the glen haven dock and martime museum. Right near Sleeping Bear Dunes, on the Lake by the Coast Guard Museum.
REMAINS: Hotel, other business, Large Pier, nearly the whole town
Only one family lives here now. The town achieved its heyday during the logging era of the late 1800s to early 1900s. When most of the residents moved after the logging industry died, the Department of the Interior bought the land for the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and forced the residents still there to sell after 25 years or when they died. A neat boat museum is now in the cannery by Lake Michigan, and the Coast Guard Museum is off a road to the left of the cannery. The buildings are in fine shape, the hotel, the post office, and grocery store, as well as many homes, are restored and presented as a mint ghosttown. Many turkeys live here now, but most of the residents are long gone. p.s.- Be sure to swim to the remains of the pier, they are quite spectacular. They once docked 500ft. long ships! Submitted by: Peter Meyer