NAME: Killmaster
CLIMATE: 35 minutes south of the 45th parallel. Moderate snow in winter, lovely mild summers.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Accessable all year long, prettiest Spring/Autumn
COMMENTS: Inland from Lake Huron (Harrisville) approx. 10 miles. North end ofCruzen Road, off F-30 from Mikado. Lovely general area, 30 minutes from Lumberman's Monument,10 minutes from Harrisville Harbor, 5 miles from Huron National Forest, Bailey School House relocated to Stergon Point Light House north of Harrisville (MUST see!).20 minutes from Au Sable River and popular annual Canoe race.Historical preservation efforts: Killmaster Soapworks - open Spring - Summer & Fall.
REMAINS: Old church, converted to residential; a few old original homes, Fifth & Sixth Street signs mark streets that fade into large fields.
Killmaster was established in the early 1800's. Primarily a large self-sufficent lumbering town with a general store, grainery, church, township hall, postoffice, hotel/livery/saloon, lumber mill, a Doctor, 2 lawyers & one room schoolhouse plus rail-way station. Mail route via horseback or buggy fromHarrisville. When Killmaster died out as a town, Harrisville picked up the postal route. Submitted by: Casey Makela