NAME: Old Antrim
COUNTY: Antrim
CLIMATE: Snowy Winters, comfortable summers
COMMENTS: From what I understand, there was a town named Antrim between Charlevoix and Eastport in Northern Lower Michigan.
REMAINS: Maple trees planted in rows for streets, possible foundations from homes, or businesses.

This area is said to be located on "Old Dixie Highway" running North-South with U.S. 31 Between Charlevoix and Eastport Michigan. Submitted by: B8153A

UPDATE: NO plague, just a poor location for a lake michigan port. (shallow water, only small vessels could dock) Everything move a couple miles north to "Norwood" Mich. which better location ect. Norwood still exists as a summer vacation home area with church, Twp museum and local and state beaches, Beautiful area on Lake Michigan - Grand Traverse Bay. All that remains at Antrim are one room school, Very old (for this area) cemetary Headstone dates back to 1860's, Shoreline is now in public domain as a natural area with beaches, cedar swamps and low dunes area. Small creek(named Antrim creek of course) runs along south end of this nature conservancy land, which is general use area for the public INCLUDING Hunting, swimming, hiking (shoreline and interior) and fishing access. No Vehicles allowed except at access point and for launching of small boats across sand beach. Tom NW MI