NAME: Star City
COUNTY: Not sure
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, relatively mild in summer and sometimes humid also.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Year round.. Snow tires in winter maybe.
COMMENTS: I only heard about this a few times while growing up in Houghton Lake, Michigan, and just that it was a ghost town. Apparently Star City is somewhere between Merritt (just west of Houghton Lake) and Cadillac. Submitted by: Allie Rollins
REMAINS: Not sure.

Star City was originaly named Starvation Lake after a local trapper was found dead in his cabin from starvation... As time went on the town went ghost for the first time as Starvation Lake, after which southern devolopers renamed the area Star Lake and attempted to sell the properties for Farming and Vacationing. the entire operation went bust and the area ghosted again. The name Star City came into use in the latter half of the 1900's. Patrick Kelleher.

Star City isn't much of a city anymore. It pretty much consists of a few old farm house, a really old barn or small schoolhouse, and a cemetary. It is located in Missaukee County, on Star City Road, about 10 mile or so west of Houghton Lake off M55. Going through Star City will take you to Morristown, named after James Morris I beleive from the 1800's. Used as a logging town, now consists of Whipples True Value store, cgurch, firestation, trailer park and a few houses. I know all this as my parent live in Morristown. I have givin a few links also. Thank you. Ron Bulinda

Star City Schoolhouse
Courtesy Ken McClellan

Star City Cemetery
Courtesy Matthew Fitch

Star City Schoolhouse and Farm
Courtesy Matthew Fitch