NAME: Buffalo City
CLIMATE: Generally Mild, can be very hot and Humid in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring or Fall
COMMENTS: Buffalo City is located off the main hwy(64) in Dare County, (Historic Marker in Place) it was originally a lumber Boom town. disserted some 50 years ago
REMAINS: Old rail beds are still present, possibly some old buildings.
It's first Post Office opened for business on October 11, 1889. In it's hay day there were over 2,000 Residents. There was a hotel, Company store, and all other necessities. There were reportedly 8 Trains that came to the city. Lumber was taken by train, barge or just floated to nearby Elizabeth City. The Post office closed August 15, 1903. But, it was reopened February 29, 1908. During Prohibition Buffalo City flourished, as it was hard to get to, by any means other than boat or Train. Whiskey was a big business, and special boats were used to drag the 5 gallon "jimmy johns" tied to a "trott line" if the revenuers were spotted, the ropes were simply cut, and the whiskey would sink to the bottom. The Post Office closed for good June 11, 1947. I read about Buffalo City in the Coastland Times, Dare Counties Newspaper. that was about 1990, but I am sure they still have it archived if anyone is interested in the article. Submitted by: Joe Davis