NAME: Arena
COUNTY: Burleigh.
CLIMATE: Midwestern snow in winter and warm in the summer.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Any time, main road runs right through it
COMMENTS: I don't know a lot about the town except we drove through it one day. There is the remains of a school, an old elevator, a church, and a few residences on what is left of the main street. It appear the last house may have been occupied a few years ago, but it is deserted now, I think. There may be one resident who runs something called "Arena Welding" but I am not sure, but that business is not located in the town but on the outskirts. It is within a few miles of the town of Wing. We took several photographs I will send downt the road.
REMAINS: A school (falling down), a church, one business of some kind, 3 houses, an elevator.
Time of desertion would be in the last 5 years. I don't know much about it otherwise as we just stopped on a whim because it looked from a distance to ba a quaint little town and when we got there there was no one living there. Submitted by: Stephen Berg

Here is a shot down the "main" street. Straight ahead you can see the old church, to the right a white building of some kind, to the left the house that looks recently abandoned. On the far right you can see the school. To the left behind the trees (you can see them) are a couple more houses, and behind me is an abandoned grain elevator.
Courtesy Stephen Berg

Arena School
Courtesy Stephen Berg

Arena Church
Courtesy Stephen Berg

Old Grain Elevator across from main street
Courtesy Michael Edukonis

Updated shot down "main" street 8-22-09
Courtesy Michael Edukonis