NAME: Belden
COUNTY: Mountrail
CLIMATE: Very cold during winter, hot in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Anytime, preferably summer
COMMENTS: Belden stands about 10 miles south of Stanley in Mountrail County.
REMAINS: About 4 houses, one gas station that someone now lives in, and a church
Belden is just south of Stanley by about 10 miles. I believe it has no residents, it had a large metal box that was a post office, or what may be called a post office box, which held many smaller boxes for the residents. All that remains now is about 4 houses and a church, and an occasional deer or two. The town also has a gas station which is no longer in business, which also used to sell a good pair of $13 jeans. That is what the town was known for. There are quite a few farmsteads nearby but none that would call themselves residents of Belden. Submitted by: Mike W.

Belden House
Courtesy Matt Rothchild