NAME: Expansion
COUNTY: Mercer
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, hot in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Late spring, early summer, or early fall
COMMENTS: The townsite was inundated by Lake Sakakawea when the Garrison Dam was constructed and flooded in 1956.
Expansion was founded in 1889 largely by the efforts of John Bloodgood of New Salem and a local farmer, Jacob Kruckenberg. A grain elevator was built and the riverboat "Expansion" hauled grain down the Missouri to Bismarck. From there it could be transported by rail to Minneapolis. Submitted by: Rudy Froeschle, MD, but the credit goes to my brother, Ferd Froeschle, who researched this information in 1988. He died two years later.
This photo is of "downtown" Expansion, ND with an Army Band playing on Main Street during a celebration in the WWI days.  A grain elevator was in back of the photographer on the Missouri river banks, where grain was loaded to river boats.
Courtesy Rudy Froeschle, M.D. and Charles Stroup