NAME: Krem
COUNTY: Mercer
CLIMATE: snow in winter, hot in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: late spring, early summer, or early fall
COMMENTS: No current residents. Krem is located about 8 miles north, northeast of Hazen. Get directions in Hazen.
REMAINS: Two cemeteries, the wall of the old flour mill and several partial basements.
Krem was established in 1899 and plans were for it to become the county seat of Mercer County. A Krem post office was established on the farm of Carl Semmler in 1888. A flour mill was built in 1899 to mill the local grain since it was difficult to travel to the Missouri river, where grain was hauled by boats. It was hoped that the Northern Pacific Railroad would build the Mandan-Killdeer Branch through Krem, but it was routed 8 miles south, and the town of Hazen was started in 1913 when the railroad arrived there. Many of the residents of Krem moved to Hazen at that time, and many of the buildings were also moved to Hazen.Dr. L. G. Eastman had moved from Expansion to Krem and then moved to Hazen. The name "Krem" was a nickname for Crimea, where many of the German-Russian immigrants had moved from. Submitted by: Rudy Froeschle, MD, but the credit goes to my brother, Ferd Froeschle, who researched this information in 1988. He died two years later.

"Main street" of early Krem with the four story flour mill in the background.
Courtesy Rudy Froeschle, M.D. and Charles Stroup