NAME: Leith
COUNTY: Grant County
CLIMATE: Very cold and snowy winter, extremely hot summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: any time, but winter is probably best avoided
COMMENTS: Heading West on 21, you will see the sign for Leith, which is not far off the exit.
REMAINS: Wonderful abandoned churches, houses, jail
I don't know the history of Leith, but when I passed through last summer, a mail truck was delivering mail, and he stated that (as I recall) that at least five houses were still occupied. There's a "downtown" section with an abandoned store, several abandoned homes, and a strange looking cinder block structure with intact cells that apparently was the local jail. There's also a really beautiful abandoned church that has a piano inside it that still works (or at least it did last summer). I'm assuming the town must have had some wealth because the sidewalks in the downtown section are still quite evident, although they are extremely overgrown with weeds and tall grass. A really interesting little semi-ghost town. Submitted by: Justine Sadoff

Leith Sidewalk
Courtesy Justine Sadoff

Leith House
Courtesy Justine Sadoff

Leith Jail
Courtesy Justine Sadoff

Courtesy Justine Sadoff

Courtesy Justine Sadoff

Church Door
Courtesy Justine Sadoff