NAME: North Almont
COUNTY: Morton
CLIMATE: Cold winters and hot summers (believe it).
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Anytime: you may want to bundle up in winter.
COMMENTS: No one is currently living in North Almont. Some of its residents may have moved to Almont, a small town six miles south.
REMAINS: All that remains are a few grain elevators that reveal its once small agricultural community.
Located in western North Dakota, cattle country and grassy plains, North Almont served as a small stop along the barren railway. As the land was bought and sold, and agriculture hubs pushed elsewhere, the town slowly died off. Some families are believed to have moved into Almont, a town six miles to the south, others may have moved to Fargo, or even out of state. Submitted by: Kristin Garaas-Johnson
The grain elevators, the only remains of North Almont, other than a small shack directly to the right of them.
Courtesy Kelsey Rusch