NAME: Wheelock
COUNTY: Williams
CLIMATE: Snow in winter; very hot & humid summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring and Fall
COMMENTS: Interesting little town about three miles south of route 2, near Epping and Wiliston.
REMAINS: 100+ abandoned homes and structures; remains of a schoolhouse, some shops and businesses, a cemetery that overlooks the town. UPDATE:
 I was here yesterday and wanted to send an update. Yesterday being 5/5/12. 

 The town has a few residents, possibly 3 or 4 actual houses occupied but mixed in with them and because of the oil boom its got a LOT of campers, RV's etc parked about the place. There is an oil field right by the town which no doubt brought in the men. 

 There are some abandoned houses, resturant, church and barns in the area. Its interesting despite the presence of the oil traffic.. Annie

Town is almost completely ghost--only a few residents, probably ten or fewer, remain. My wife's great-grandfather (Halfdan) used to walk out there from Wiliston every weekend (about 20 miles) to keep a claim on his land back around the turn of the century (circa 1900). My father-in-law knows more than anyone else about it, but Wheelock was expected to grow into another Bismarck until they lost some kind of fewderal contract and the main railroad went through Wiliston. Judging by the age and condition of the homes, Wheelock hit its peak around the 1950's with roughly 400 residents. I don't know why everyone left. There did appear to be a functioning restaurant on the eastern edge of the town. if you're in the area, this is definately worth a qucik side trip. Do be careful as there were several large dogs running around the town when my inlaws and I passed through. We didn't spend much time so I didn't get to see the post office or get any dates. Enjoy! Submitted by: Craig Garaas-Johnson

-Matt Rothchild

Wheelock School
Courtesy Justine Sadoff

Wheelock House
Courtesy Justine Sadoff