NAME: Amboy
COUNTY: Webster
CLIMATE: Hot and muggy in summer, cold and snow in winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Early to mid spring, not so much plant growth
COMMENTS: Exactly 4 miles east of the small town of Red Cloud. Old mill town. Few families still live there. One old school house ontop of a hill next to a gravel road. (owned by me and my family)Old mill my railroad tracks.
REMAINS: School house, mill, depot/warehouse, barn
About 5 house still there. Started off as an old milling/railroad town in the early 1900s. Used to have about 100 residents. Old school house still stands. The mill is located east of the town by about 100 yards. The original 2 burned down. When they closed the railroad, the mill closed to. Most of the people worked at the mill. The school was used up until 1960s Submitted by: Ben Laswell
Courtesy Kurt Wenner