NAME: Angus
COUNTY: Nucklous
CLIMATE: Lots of snow in the winter, very warm in the summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: In the summer unless raining, roads can be bad
COMMENTS: Angus was built in the 1800's. Shucks, culberstons, Docey's, and overturf's where some of the first homesteaders, and some of them still live around the old sites. had a post office, church, school, and a market. Home of the Fuller Car company 1906 to 1909, first car with 3 point suspension.
REMAINS: Most of the buildings, the car factory is now located in nelson nebraska, used as the city buildings.
Not much to do here, there are residents, but there is no more gasoline, market, churh, school, nothing of use, just a dead town. Submitted by: Andy Timmerman