NAME: Arborville
CLIMATE: Cold winters, hot summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring and fall
COMMENTS: In 1960 360 residents today unknown, very nice church and cemetary still thereFrom Bradhaw on #34 1 mi w. 9 m 9, 1/2 n sits in the nw corner of York county
REMAINS: cemetary and church a few houses
1870 John Kingston and 2 sons from Mich established a home in a dug out, a stick home was later built near this site and served as the post office, 1873 first school dist was organized in this home. An Indian Pottery site has been found on the creek near this town. Rev Harrison laid out the village in 1875 and planted lots of trees, thus the name. 1874 grasshopper plague, 1877 the local General Store was doing $20,000 along with all the other stores doing very well. The 1890's rumors of a railroad did not come thro, 1904 telephone came 1930's dust bowl started a decline,wars took the young men, blizzard of 48-49 cost a lot of deaths in animals and one child, 1953 schools were redistricted leaving none in Arborville, 1954 Maurice Flick build the first stone farm house in York county. In 1960 there were 318 residents, known residents now?? Submitted by: Carol McKenzie