NAME: Copenhagen
COUNTY: Antelope
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, hot summers
COMMENTS: Copenhagen has no current residents. It is located 5 miles east of Plainview and one mile sourth.An elevator still stands along with a railroad, and Jeppesen's old house which is currently being used. If you use a mapping program, or even Google Earth, look between Plainview and Brunswick Nebraska.  Find the junction where NE 13 turns north from US-20. Go a mile west, and two miles south to the junction of 862nd Rd and 531 Ave. It is there on the northeast corner of the intersection.
REMAINS: Elevator and railroad
Copenhagen was originally known as Crawford Township. The first settlers of the township came from Crawford County, Iowa in 1878. Their leader was Lewis W. Berry. Copenhagen had a total of six streets. The elevator, which was just north of Copenhagen, was owned by the Butterfields. A Danish Cemetery is located in the southwest corner of Copenhagen. Accompanied by the still existing railroad, the elevator and stock yards hauled the most stock on the O'neill line to the Sioux City line. Copenhagen was originally a timber claim filed by August Fillip on July 17, 1900. Walter Gable, a later owner, plotted ten acres in the northeast part in 1907. Christian Jeppesen and his family puchased the land now known as Copenhagen in 1916. In 1955, the only buildings left standing were the elevator and Chris Jeppesen's house. On April 8, 1996 there was a fire at the elevator. The fire burned off and on for about two to three weeks. The fire burned eight hundred thousand bushels of corn and two hundred thousand bushels of beans. There was three million six hundred thousand dollars worth of corn burned and one million four hundred thousand worth of beans burned in the fire. Today the elevator is still running. Submitted by: Jenny Doerr, Adam Utecht, Michelle Demerath, and Tonya Timmerman