NAME: Hecla
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, warm summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Anytime except when snow is on ground
COMMENTS: Not much to see. Site can be seen right off of Highway 2. Drive approximately 10 miles west of Mullen or 35 miles east of Hyannis.
REMAINS: Some foundations
I am not sure if there ever was a post office. The site was more of a whtsle stop for the Burlington Railroad. There were a few buildings and a stockyard for the area ranchers to load their cattle onto the trains. The largest cattle drive in the Sandhills of Nebraska took place here. 5,000 head of steers were moved to Hecla by 19 cowboys and one cook. It took 17 hours and several trains to load all of the cattle. I do know the place had been subject to floods from pictures I had seen in the Grant County History Book which can be found in the library at Hyannis. I think the town was done in by a tornado and was never rebuilt. Submitted by: Brian Garner

Hecla Depot
Courtesy Brian Garner

Hecla General Store
Courtesy Brian Garner