NAME: Palo
CLIMATE: Hot summers cold winters
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring and fall
COMMENTS: Nothing left - was located 3 miles east of the current town of Thayer, Palo Cemetary is nw corner of nw1/2 section 34 4 mi E of thayer
A post office was lodged in the house of pioneer Ben Willis 3 miles east of now Thayer. a school house was erected 1 1/2 miles east and a church 2 mi se and all were called Palo, where the cemetary now is. The cemtary was laid out near the church in 1873. The RR coming thro this part of the country put a new aspect into the life of the settlers as a nearer market would be established. The RR went from Seward to York in 1877, the nearer and newer town was now called Waco.An old timer tells of receiving a letter addressed thus: A. A. Hawley Palo, Eureka, or Poston, a little town on the F.E& M.V.RR. between David City and York, there were post offices at Palo and Eureka at that time and he got the letter as it was addresse. Gresham was called Poston at first I will have to look and see what Eureka is now. Submitted by: Carol McKenzie