NAME: Tate
COUNTY: Pawnee
CLIMATE: Snow in Winter and Hot in summer, hardly any rain.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Any Time Except November thru February
COMMENTS: Nothing Special. It's Just there no residence since 1950's and There are only 2 buildings that remain.
REMAINS: An old Hotel. and a Old House, The house, Home to the Mayor of Tate

I don't Know # of Redidents. It was deserted in the 1920's because the railroad stopped comming through.Sad little story. Submitted by: Joel Mohrmann

The peak population in 1910 was 100 people. The town was founded Dec 9 1891 and discontinued October 15 1920. It had a station on the Kansas city and Northwestern railroads. It declined because the railroad stopped coming through. Named in honor of Kansas city and northwestern railroad director.

James and Janet Mohrmann

The Church in Tate
Courtesy Joel Mohrmann