NAME: Claudell
COUNTY: Roosevelt
CLIMATE: Typical southwest desert. Hot, dry dusty
BEST TIME TO VISIT: We are glad to have you any time 365 days
COMMENTS: 14 miles northwest of elida, new mexico.If you ask for directions, and the person you are posing the question has a puzzled look, you will know he has never heard of it either, so you can both go ask somebodyelse.
REMAINS: Not a tad
Claudell, which is 14 miles northwest of Elida, maintained a post office from January 23, 1908 to July 15, 1935. One of my books says 1925 but I opt for the 1935 date.Claude D. Wells was the postmaster. The blend of the two words of his name gave this ranching community its unusual name. Very clever indeed. They werereally scrambling for names about that time. I think they commissioned about 100 postoffices in Roosevelt county alone from 1905 to 1912.Another town that came and went with the homestead act. Mr. Wells is the only name mentioned in my reference. Submitted by: Samuel W. McWhorter