Welcome to the New MexicoGhost town page brought to you by New Mexico has over 400 ghost towns and many more camps and other smaller historical locations. New Mexico's ghost towns are located in just about every are of the state of New Mexico. The most famous of the New Mexico ghost towns are the semi-ghost tourist locations like Shakespeare and steins. New Mexico also has many very desolate ghost town sites where there is little left. Unfortunately, New Mexico has one of the worst records in the preservation of ghost towns. Many states actively protect their ghost towns and keep vandalism to a minimum, but such is not the case New Mexico. For that reason and also due to New Mexico's harsh climate, the majority of New Mexico's ghost towns are nothing more than a few foundations and some occasional mining equipment. But, that doesn't stop the avid ghosttowner from enjoying what is left of New Mexico's ghost towns. Please browse and enjoy this New Mexico Ghost Town web site. would also like your help with the information and preservation of New Mexico's Ghost Towns. You can help by telling your friends about this website in the interest of Educating others about New Mexico Ghost Towns. You can also help by submitting any pictures or video of New Mexico Ghost Towns to, and we will post them on this website. Be sure to visit our main page and see all the other states and information we have to offer. -


(Courtesy Samuel McWhorter)

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