NAME: Battle Creek
CLIMATE: Pleasant summer, heavy snow in winter.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Summer, autumn.
COMMENTS: Pretty Scenery.
REMAINS: Nothing UPDATE: There is actually some machinery or equipment left at the entrance to the Battle Creek site. An old flatbed truck and another old pick-up with an Ingersoll Rand Type 40 compressor on it are on the site, as well as an old iron riveted dump bin and various parts of compressors, etc. lying about. Of course, the trucks are shot up. The road is in good shape, and leads all the way to the back of the canyon where the creek cuts down. It leads back around the other side of the canyon where the documented shafts are. Although a 2WD vehicle could do it, I do recommend high clearance since the two-track road does have some growth on it and there is some rutting on the road that leads from Ruby Valley road onto the Forest Service land.

There are a few dry campsites along the road going into the aspens along the canyon.
- Jared DuBach

In 1907 mining activity finally rose to a level high enough to support a boardinghouse, a few buildings and a cafeteria but was abandoned in 1910. In 1917 the claims were reworked and a f50 ton mill was erected. Later, in the 1950's the buildings were moved about a mile up the canyon to some new workings. From 1953 to 1956 the new mine was in operation. In 1993 the forest service confiscated the land and turned the property into a wilderness area.

Submitted by: Shawn Hall from his books Old Heart Of Nevada: Ghost Towns And Mining Camps Of Elko County Click here to purchase his book!

Connecting The West: Historic Railroad Stops And Stage Stations In Elko County, Nevada Click here to purchase his book!

Battle Creek riveted bin
Courtesy Jared Dubach

Old truck at Battle Creek
Courtesy Jared Dubach