NAME: Cherry Creek
COUNTY: White Pine
CLIMATE: Hot summer, cool winter.

COMMENTS: One of the best in Nevada!
REMAINS: Much is left !


Cherry Creek has been one of White Pine County’s best-producing districts for well over 100 years. It all began on September 21, 1872 when two prospectors from nearby Egan Canyon located the Tea Cup claims and the boom was on. By spring of 1872 the town had a population of 400. Buildings included a livery stable, a blacksmith shop, a $2,000 hotel, boardinghouses, restaurants, and more than twenty saloons. Wells Fargo opened a station in 1873 and a post office also opened. But all this bustling activity began to fade in 1874 and in 1875 most mines and mills had closed and only limited production continued. Rich new finds were made in 1880 and Cherry Creek began it biggest boom. By the end of 1881, the mines each employed 200 men. Cherry Creek became the largest voting precinct in White Pine County. At its peak in 1882, Cherry Creek had a transient population of 6,000 and about 1800 permanent residents. The town had an amazing 28 saloons. There were a wide variety of mercantile stores and a stage to Toano in Elko County was created. One mine had shipped more than $1 million in bullion. Then the financial crash of 1883 stopped Cherry Creek in its tracks. Mines began to close and Cherry Creek began a rapid decline. A fire in 1888 destroyed a section of the business district. By 1890, the population had dwindled to 350. Another fire occurred 1901 and yet another in 1904. In 1905 Cherry Creek experienced a revival that caused the reopening of a number of mines. This continued through the 1920s, the 1930s, and into the 1940s. Since that time, leaseholders have always been active in the district. Total production for the district is somewhere between $15 million and $20 million. Cherry Creek is definitely one of the best ghost towns in Nevada.

Submitted by: Shawn Hall from his book Romancing Nevada's Past: Ghost Towns And Historic Sites Of Eureka, Lander, And White Pine Counties Click here to purchase his book!