NAME: Kimberly
COUNTY: White Pine
CLIMATE: Hot summer, cool winter.

COMMENTS: Interesting Scenery.
REMAINS: Nothing.

Copper discoveries were first made in the area in 1877 but major development did not take place until the early 1900s. By 1905, the company town of Kimberly had a population of about 100. It also had a post office, saloons, boardinghouses, and numerous residences. A big boost to Kimberly came when the Nevada Northern Railway was completed in 1906. By 1907 Kimberly had grown enough to warrant the formation of the Kimberly School District. Kimberly continued to grow as production in the district increased drastically. By 1910 the town had grown to 200. In 1910, the Consolidated Copper Mines Company gained control of the Kimberly District. By the 1920s, Kimberly was an impressive company town with a population of 500, a new school, a hospital, a Nevada Northern depot, and many other businesses. The depression slowed production and the decline continued until 1958 when the Kennecott Corporation bought the Kimberly townsite. The following year mill and town were dismantled to make room for the Trippi-Veteran open-pit operation. Today, only a large hole and mine dumps show that Kimberly ever existed.

Submitted by: Shawn Hall from his book Romancing Nevada's Past: Ghost Towns And Historic Sites Of Eureka, Lander, And White Pine Counties Click here to purchase his book!