NAME: Montello
CLIMATE: Pleasant summer, heavy snow in winter.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Summer, autumn.
COMMENTS: Semi-ghost
REMAINS: Many original buildings.

Present-day Montello began in 1904 when the Southern Pacific Railroad built the Lucin cutoff across the salt flats of Utah. The first train came through Montello on March 4, 1904. Montello was first known as Bauvard, also the name of the old siding located three miles to the southwest. The railroad built a large hotel as well as complete railroad facilities at Montello. Forty residents supported a general merchandise store. A library building was built that also served as a school. From 1904 to 1929 Montello’s population grew to around 800. The town also served as a supply point for the mining camp of Delano. A new school was constructed and opened in 1910. Montello began to decline in the 1920s after a major fire destroyed many buildings in the downtown area including the post office, a restaurant, a pool hall, and a house or two. The introduction of diesel engines in 1950s spelled the end of Montello’s importance to the railroad. The roundhouses and shops were removed and only the huge water tower was left behind. Today Montello is a quiet town with a population of seventy-five. Many of the homes from 1904 remain along with the school, the jail and other old buildings.

Submitted by: Shawn Hall from his books Old Heart Of Nevada: Ghost Towns And Mining Camps Of Elko County Click here to purchase his book!