NAME: Nivlock
COUNTY: Esmeralda
CLIMATE: Hot summer, cool winter.
COMMENTS: Nothing left .
REMAINS: Nothing but holes in the ground
About 20 years ago, an ex of Mine and I took a road trip from Vegas to Reno.  We had acquired a map of "ghost towns" and were visiting them as We went.

We saw one named "Nivlock" (I'll never forget the name) somewhere - south of Tonopah, I think it was, off the 95 - and proceeded off the main highway to visit.  Eventually We had to turn onto a dirt road to get there, and I was rather surprised at how well-maintained the road was.  As We approached some hills, We began seeing quonset hut-like structures and military vehicles.

Once We were in the hills, there was little to see of Human construction, but still...  The road had no potholes and looked well traveled, yet We saw no traffic.  Finally We reached the ghost town, near the top of a pass between two hills.  We parked and walked around.  Both He and I got this creepy feeling that We were being watched.

We found nothing of great interest there - just some decaying walls and charred wood.  We got back into the car and decided to continue along the road, figuring that it must lead somewhere, being so well maintained.

Up over the pass We went and down a short ways - 100 feet or so - and around a bend - to be stopped by a gate and military personnel!  Dire warnings were posted on signs, and one military guy came up to Us and told Us to turn around and leave.

Needless to say...  We did just that - and hastily!

Is the military activity the reason this town is nowhere to be found on the web?
Amyellen Leib