NAME: Taylor
COUNTY: White Pine
CLIMATE: Hot summer, cool winter.

COMMENTS: Interesting Scenery.
REMAINS: Two buildings.

There was activity in Taylor as early as 1872 but it wasn’t until summer of 1880 that Taylor began to grow. The Monitor Mill and Mining Company in 1881 began construction on a 10-stamp mill near Steptoe Creek. The mill began operations in September of 1881. Taylor really came into its own in 1883 with several new discoveries and more than $260,000 worth of ore shipped. Taylor reached its peak in 1883 when the population increased to 1,500 and business included three general stores, four restaurants, three boarding houses, a drug store, and a doctor. By the end of the year, a brewery, an opera house, and a school had been built. Taylor was a peaceful town with very little trouble. Taylor’s free milling silver began to run out in 1885 and the decline accelerated during 1886. In 1888 only a handful of residents remained and most businesses and buildings had already moved to the new and booming town of Ely. There was little activity in Taylor until 1918 when Wyoming Mining and Milling Company entered the district. A revival started lasting until this day. Today, Taylor is the site of a huge silver operation. The mine employs about 175 people and a few businesses have reopened. Only two buildings remain from old Taylor.

Submitted by: Shawn Hall from his book Romancing Nevada's Past: Ghost Towns And Historic Sites Of Eureka, Lander, And White Pine Counties Click here to purchase his book!